The conference will take place at the Akademie Berlin-Schmöckwitz in the little village Wernsdorf just on the outskirts of Berlin.

The “International Symposium Arenshoop” brings together the leading scientists from various branches of theoretical particle physics in an inspiring atmosphere to foster the exchange of ideas and to trigger new collaborations. This conference series has a long tradition that reaches back to 1965. Now, the conference is held once every two years.

Overview talks:
AdS/CFT, Conformal Bootstrap, Higher Spin Theories, Black Holes and Firewalls, N=2 Gauge Dynamics

Organizing Committee:
Thomas Klose, Jan Louis, Jan Plefka, Matthias Staudacher, Stefan Theisen

Financial Support:
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, SFB 647 (Berlin) and SFB 676 (Hamburg).

Speakers will be invited by us. For further information send us an email at ahoop”at”